A NJ Shoplifting or Theft Charge Will Impact Your Immigration Status
Helping Shoplifters Get Not Guilty Verdicts for Over 24 Years
If you are a visitor, legal or illegal alien, visa holder, permanent
resident, a conviction for shoplifting or theft may mean the revocation
of your status and or deportation.  This rule even applies for green
card holders and
all visa holders including B1, F1, H1, H2, J1, J2,
etc.  Unlike other crimes a Shoplifting or Theft Conviction is
considered for immigration purposes one of the worst crimes even
though it is nonviolent in nature.  

This is because shoplifting and theft are one of the few crimes
classified by USCIS as crimes involving bad moral turpitude (CIMT or
CMT).  Crimes of CMT are generally violent crimes, but the US
government determined that shoplifting and theft even though non
violent in nature by is still a trait of bad moral character that we don't
wan't.  Thus, a conviction for CMT crimes including shoplifting, theft,
murder, rape and domestic violence must be avoided at all costs.  If
not avoided and you get convicted you face the possibility of
revocation of your status which can mean jail and deportation. We
Can Help by attempting to reduce or downgrade or win the charges
filed against you.  To understand the problem you face here are the
latest statistics:

In the United States approximately 2.2 million people are currently in jail or
are being held in immigration deportation centers.  According to the latest
available statistics from (ICE) the Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Office for Fiscal Year 2016 show that ICE conducted a total of 240,255  
removals.  58% of all individuals deported in the US were convicted of a
up 2% from 56% in Fiscal Year 2014.  For 2017 this rate is also
expected to increase when the statistics are released sometime in the
spring of 2018 as it has nearly every year since 2008 and this was before
the new Trump Administration.  The Trump administration has vowed to
deport all convicted criminals and to date unlike President Trumps
Executive orders, deportations of criminals has not been stopped by the
federal courts. Shoplifting was one of the few crimes prior to the Trump
Administration that previous administrations considered CIMT crimes
issued deportations orders and removed violators.  With the more
aggressive Trump Administration these removals and deportations have
already increased.  Thus, subjecting anyone convicted of shoplifting to jail,
removal - and then deportation.

According to the ACLU almost 60% of the deported criminals only had a
misdemeanor conviction or arrest, 40% had a felony arrest or conviction.   

Hiring Attorney Aalsberg for your shoplifting case may mean the
difference between being deported, or staying in this country.  If you
are reading this page you probably have already spent thousands of
dollars to come and move to America. You need the Best Shoplifting
Lawyer not a cheap shoplifting lawyer.  
Don't try to save a few
thousand dollars on a "cheaper lawyer" you need the best lawyer
because even if the judge does not put you in jail the Department of
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may, and then deport
you.   You need the best protection a lawyer like Attorney Aalsberg
who knows both shoplifting and immigration law.

Attorney Aalsberg's 98%* Success Rate for Shoplifting and Theft
Charges means that we may be able to keep your wish to stay in the
United States, out of jail and in status. However, you must remember
that just because Attorney Aalsberg has a 98% success rate this is
not a guarantee that you will win, but it is at least good to know your
dealing with success.  Take the first step for success and setup the
free in office consultation at 1-800-9-RIGHTS.  The in office
consultation is free.  But the results and piece of mind knowing your
protected by Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq. may be priceless to
your future.
"When Winning Counts"
98% Success Rate of Winning, Reducing,  
or Eliminating the Penalties
*98% Success Rate is based on past NJ Shoplifting cases and is not a guarantee of future results.  Each Shoplifting charge presents a unique fact pattern and circumstances because of this
past performance is not indicative of future performance.  Photo depicted of Shoplifting Prisoner Courtesy of ICE                                                                                              Copyright HSA 2017

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