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If you are a visitor, legal or illegal alien, visa
holder, permanent resident, or green card holder
a conviction for shoplifting may mean the
revocation of your visa or immigration status.  
Revocation can mean forced jail and deportation.
We Can Help.

The statistics from (ICE) the Immigration and Customs
Enforcement Office for Fiscal Year 2016
show that over
250,000 criminal were deported or removed and this was
before the new Trump Administration which is on track for
deporting more criminal.
  According to the ACLU almost 60%
of the deported criminals only had a misdemeanor conviction
or arrest, 40% had a felony arrest or conviction.

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these unwanted consequences of a shoplifting
conviction.  Hiring our office may mean the
difference between being deported or staying in
this country.  If you are reading this page you
probably have already spent thousands of dollars
to come and relocate to America.  

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