New Jersey is the toughest States for 1st time

Although, some states like California may have tougher
sentencing provisions for third time shoplifting offenders,
New Jersey has taken the approach of implementing tough
sentences for 1st time offenders in hopes of preventing a
second or third arrest.
 If you plead or are found guilty to
any shoplifting charge in New Jersey either in municipal or
superior court you will be subject to the following penalties
with no exceptions:
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The 4 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid Making
When Charged with Shoplifting or Theft:
1) Not hiring an attorney to protect  your rights
2) Hiring a lawyer based on price and not on success rate
3) Hiring a lawyer simply because they are close to your home
4) Not hiring a shoplifting lawyer
soon enough to protect your rights
1.  You will have a criminal record of conviction:  If
you are reading this website you probably have already
been arrested by the police and have a criminal record of
arrest.  Don't let this matter get worse and get a criminal
record of conviction.  A criminal record of conviction may
prevent you from finding employment, seeking financial aid,
buying a house, renting an apartment or traveling outside
the U.S.
2.  You may go to jail even for a first offense
3.  You will have to pay Fines and Court Costs: The
more you steal the more you pay.  For cases with less than
$200.00 stolen you will pay up to $1000.00 for cases with
more than $200.00 but less than $500.00 stolen you will pay
up to $7,500 For amounts taken over $500.00 but less than
$75,000.00 your fine can be up to $15,000.00.
5.  You must pay restitution:  If the court finds the (store)
has suffered a loss (example the clothing was damaged by
removing the tag you will have to pay the full retail value of the
item not the sale price)
4. You may be sentenced to a term of probation for
any shoplifting charge:
 If sentenced to probation you
will have to submit to random drug and urine testing and can
be prohibited from traveling outside the country.
6.  You may be sentenced to a term of probation for
any shoplifting charge:
 If sentenced to probation you will
have to submit to random drug and urine testing and can be
prohibited from traveling outside NJ or the United States
9.  You may be sued by the store in civil court:  NJ
Law allows the store (victim) to sue you in civil court for the
stores reasonable cost in defending the shoplifting case (this
can be as little as $150.00 or up to several thousand dollars)
7.  You may lose your job:  If you are a public employee of
a government agency, school teacher, office holder or licensed
professional such as a nurse, school teacher, doctor or lawyer,
you could be required to forfeit your job or professional license
as a result of a shoplifting or theft conviction
8.  If you are not a U.S. Citizen you may be jailed
and deported if you are found guilty of shoplifting.
10.  You will be required to do Community Service.  
For a first offense shoplifting conviction you must do 10 days
community service for 2nd or subsequent convictions it is up
to the judge to determine the amount of time.  
11.  You will be subject to increased insurance
 Most insurance companies will raise your rates
for car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance etc.
12.  The Judge has the power to order additional
penalties not listed:
 Some common penalties imposed by
judges for shoplifting and theft offenders include but are not
limited to ordering you not to visit a mall or store, ordering you
to wear an electronic monitoring device for a period of time etc.
With over 20 years of experience Defending
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Although no attorney by law can guarantee or
predict a future result of a case, our managing
attorney: H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% success
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Preparing a proper defense to your shoplifting
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Since all shoplifting cases result in a criminal
record, we can only offer in office consultations
and not phone consultations to assure your
privacy as the government does monitor all
phones conversations.  We do want to give you
the best chance of winning your case and this
requires privacy of our communications.
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